Australian Cartoonists Art Dump #6

John Dixon's Tim Valour #29

Paul Wheelahan's The Panther.

Australian Woman's Weekly ads for Syd Nicholls' and Stan Clements' Fatty Finn's Weekly, the first weekly Australian comic launched 20 May 1934.

Keith Chatto covers (I Think...) for King Features characters Flash Gordon and Mandrake the Magician.

Australian publisher Gredown covers from their prolific mid 70's output. Really these should have been ongoing series that are still published to this day.

Australian Cartoonists Art Dump #4

Above: Paul Wheelhan's The Panther #3

Below: Twilight Ranger, art by Keith Chatto, story by Michael Noonan

Across two series Silver Flash and his Frog-men and Captain Silver Flash artist/writer Virgil Reilly produced upwards of 1200 pages of comic art. Where did all that art go and where can I get four 300 page collections of it?

Australian reprint of US newspaper strip Tim Tyler's Luck published by Invincible Comics. Tim Tyler's Luck ran ran from August 13, 1928, until August 1996 and employed several artists including Alex Raymond and Burne Hogarth.

Bask in the glory of this comic by Terry Murphy, I like how he uses ink washes in the introductory splash panels, not just filling in line work but also creating textures with solid brush strokes of ink.

Australian Cartoonists Art Dump #2

Written and drawn by Paul Wheelahan, Panther Comics.

Paul Wheelahan's The Raven.

Maurice Bramley cover on Marc Brody No. 3

Royce Bradford cover for Marc Brody no. 1

Stanley Pitt cover for True Stories of Australian Crime No. 2

Phil Belbin cover for Australian publisher Gredown reprinting US comic The Fly. I suspect Belbin never got to see the actual comic his cover was going on.

Will Donald's The Brass Vulture

Doug Maxted's Real! Comics