Golden Age Australian Comics Discovery

I love stories of paper treasures being discovered under floorboards or in walls of houses, from ebay seller golden-age-comics:

In 2015, under the floorboards of a shop in a seaside suburb of Adelaide, a treasure-trove of comics was discovered in a cellar not accessed since just after World War II. Previously, the shop had been run as a news agency, and the cellar was utilised as a storage room. There were piles and piles of comic books, newspapers and magazines, in immaculate, never-before-read condition.

Samples of these stunning near mint paper treasures:

Australian Cartoonists Art Dump #2

Written and drawn by Paul Wheelahan, Panther Comics.

Paul Wheelahan's The Raven.

Maurice Bramley cover on Marc Brody No. 3

Royce Bradford cover for Marc Brody no. 1

Stanley Pitt cover for True Stories of Australian Crime No. 2

Phil Belbin cover for Australian publisher Gredown reprinting US comic The Fly. I suspect Belbin never got to see the actual comic his cover was going on.

Will Donald's The Brass Vulture

Doug Maxted's Real! Comics

Rangatira - Doug Maxted

Australian cartoonist Doug Maxted’s renditions of Maori life from the novel Rangatira, written by Australian anthropologists Norman Tindale and Harold Lindsay and published in Adelaide by Rigby Ltd. in 1959. Maxted had assumed art duties at Rigby in 1958. Maxted immigrated to Australia in 1925 from London at eleven years of age and worked in the Australian comics industry during the 1940′s and 1950′s. Between 1947-1949 Maxted ran his own publishing company, publishing Ben Barbary Bushranger Comics. Maxted immigrated to England in 1963 and worked primarily for IPC magazines for the twenty years until his return to Australia in 1983. Maxted died in 1999.

Some of the comics Maxted worked on in England: