Australian Cartoonists Art Dump #3

Above: Maurice Bramley cover for In Battle Action No. 72

Below: Peter Chapman's Sir Falcon.

Below: John Dixon's Crimson Comic. When I was about eight years I bought a Crimson Comet comic from a carboot in a muddy paddock at a flea market in provincial New Zealand. Unbelievably one hundred and fifteen years later I still have that comic.

Every day I wake up and wonder is this the day Nat Karmichael announces he'll be publishing the complete Tim Valour by John Dixon? A phone book collection of these tight adventure stories would be a gift to mankind...

These King Size Comic anthologies have stunning covers by an unknown artist. They chiefly contain American reprints but invariably would have an Australian comic like Stan and Reg Pitt's Silver Starr. A smarter person than me like Kevin Patrick or Daniel Best could have written about these in a smarter way.

The Adventures of Flash Cain No. 3 collects comics from Cavalcade magazine by Phil Belbin, cover by Devil Doone mainstay artist Hart Amos.

Even when guesting in other heroes comics the Phantom Ranger could oddly be relied upon to find a Mexican to punch in the face.

Kent Blake of the Secret Service #18? There seventeen issues before this one? Nat, while you're assembling that Tim Valour phone book can I please also get an inch thick collection of Monty Wedd's Kent Blake comics?

Australian Cartoonists Art Dump #2

Written and drawn by Paul Wheelahan, Panther Comics.

Paul Wheelahan's The Raven.

Maurice Bramley cover on Marc Brody No. 3

Royce Bradford cover for Marc Brody no. 1

Stanley Pitt cover for True Stories of Australian Crime No. 2

Phil Belbin cover for Australian publisher Gredown reprinting US comic The Fly. I suspect Belbin never got to see the actual comic his cover was going on.

Will Donald's The Brass Vulture

Doug Maxted's Real! Comics

The World's News - New Zealand Edition - Gallery

The Australian published The World's News featured articles, stories and cartoons for a lengthy publication history of 2819 editions from 1901 until 1955. I've found very little evidence of the New Zealand edition save a hand bound collection of the editions featured below. Possibly the New Zealand edition was identical to the Australian edition save a title and price being stamped on the covers? New Zealand born Illustrator Maurice Bramley provided many covers and interior illustrations for the World's News in the 1940's and 1950's.