Advice Comics One

Advice Comics 1 is available from the Advice Comics store, I heartily approve of this finely crafted product. (photo yoinked from Three Thousand.)

Sam West writes about Advice Comics 1 at Three Thousand.

Object of beauty:

114pg book, risoprinted at caldera press in melbourne + a two sided dustjacket/poster (katie parrish///michael hawkins) screenprinted by walker mettling in providence, rhode island.

People who produced the solid form:

What is in it:

new advice from BOYFRIEND (Michael Hawkins), SALLY (Katie Parrish), MULBERT (written by Andrew Connor, drawn by Carla McRae), NICKY MINUS (Nicky Minus), BABY W (Lee Lai), DR. ENTRAILS (Walker Mettling), IGNATZ LAB RAT (Ben Juers), MARY LEUNIG (Mary Leunig) & RAYMOND RAY (Marc Pearson)