Advice Comics One

Advice Comics 1 is available from the Advice Comics store, I heartily approve of this finely crafted product. (photo yoinked from Three Thousand.)

Sam West writes about Advice Comics 1 at Three Thousand.

Object of beauty:

114pg book, risoprinted at caldera press in melbourne + a two sided dustjacket/poster (katie parrish///michael hawkins) screenprinted by walker mettling in providence, rhode island.

People who produced the solid form:

What is in it:

new advice from BOYFRIEND (Michael Hawkins), SALLY (Katie Parrish), MULBERT (written by Andrew Connor, drawn by Carla McRae), NICKY MINUS (Nicky Minus), BABY W (Lee Lai), DR. ENTRAILS (Walker Mettling), IGNATZ LAB RAT (Ben Juers), MARY LEUNIG (Mary Leunig) & RAYMOND RAY (Marc Pearson)

Some Melbourne Comic Events That You Could Possibly Go To

Alyx Dennison's Talking People @ Night, poster by young firebrand talent Marc Pearson. I believe this event involves some fine cartooning talent amongst the night's performers.

Squishface Studio's celebrate their third birthday on Monday Jan 26th. FB event page.

Tim Molloy exhibition in February at the Old Bar, Fitzroy, Melbourne. 24th Feb.

The All Star Women's Comic Book Club has already happened today but because I'm slow and feeble I'm only posting about it now. Still, it is on every month and you may wish to attend next month. More details on the All Star Women's Comic Book Club FB page.


The Melbourne comics collective where members are required to be able to bench a minimum are launching a quarterly anthology Melbourne Comics Quarterly. More details at and the FB event page.

Sissy Blvd running from Friday 16 January – Sunday 15 March. More info here, and FB event page.

Lee Lai, Katie Parrish, Merv Heers and Sam Wallman are queer cartoonists based in Melbourne. Using The Substation's front gallery space and Transit Gallery billboards, this exhibition will examine remnants of gay liberation, reflections on contemporary queer assimilation and resilience, mincing the fine line between subtlety and obviousness. Supported by The Substation and Hobsons Bay City Council.

The Melbourne comics meet up is on February 7th at the usual place and time, Prince Alfred Hotel in Carlton, 2pm - 6pm. FB event page.

2014 in Review: Sam Wallman

What have been your personal cartooning/comics highlights of 2014?
Being part of the Overland editorial crew has been an honour, and this Walkley nod me and the Global Mail crew got is pretty ridic. Working on cartoons for the union movement has been really nice. Fumbling with how cartoons and graphic art can be used as part of broader social movements feels good, albeit inherently limited.

What are some of the comics you've enjoyed in 2014?
Nicky Minus's work is heaps brave and funny. Seeing a bunch of people try on kinda political cartooning styles for Fluid Prejudice was great. I dunno, Patrick Kyle, Lee Lai, Murtaza Ali Jafari, Safdar Ahmed. The Refugee Art Project zines taught me a lot.

What is something non-comics that you have enjoyed in 2014?  
Kayaking, my partner, all this rising political anger, dicks.

What are you looking forward to in 2015?
Setting up an activist artists studio in the tower of Trades Hall. Putting together this class anthology to follow on from Fluid Prejudice, and taking it to Toronto Comics and Arts Festival along with the Advice Comics crew and their new book. Exploring the comics-journalism form, hopefully along with other cartoonists, and watching a strong movement of staunch, funny political cartoonists emerge from the quagmire of apathy that is contemporary Ashtraya!! ;-P

At Work inside our Detention Centres: A Guard's Tale.

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