SPX 2014 Baby!

Fine Works by Career Postman Matt Emery

Fine Works by Career Postman Matt Emery

A pile of hastily taken photos of a selection of the fine Australian and New Zealand Comics we’ll have at our table B4 this weekend at the almighty Small Press Expo! Sadly a couple our debut books were delayed at the printer but we will have some of our debut gems as well as a small finely curated collection of Australian and New Zealand comics from ourselves and other Australasian publishers. There's even more we didn't hastily photograph. Heck knows how all these will fit on one table. Tables B1 - B3 will host our Australasian compadres Frank Candiloro, Luke Humphris, Nick McIvor, Caitlin Major, Matt Hoddy and Alexis Sugden who we can all personally vouch for being Magic People of the Southern Star.

SPX Debut: Moonbeard Volume One

Moonbeard Cover SMALL.jpg

Pikitia Press are proud to present James Squires' MOONBEARD Volume One, the first of our SPX debut books. MOONBEARD Volume One  launches at SPX in mid September and will be available elsewhere immediately after. This handsome volume collects 120 pages of James's extremely popular and terrifyingly hilarious webcomic Moonbeard along with exclusive new comics. A tight package of unexpected humour and wit-filled absurdity, Moonbeard brings good cheer for everyone!

Get a taste, just a little taste with Snasnakes, the first Moonbeard sampler comic available now in Te Pikitia Store.