Last Four Days To Pre-order #takedown - My evening on a pier with pick up artists and protesters by David Blumenstein

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Here's that spiel one more time,

What are pick-up artists really like?

Cartoonist David Blumenstein wanted to know. In signing up for a free seminar with International Pick-up artist(PUA) Instructor Julien Blanc, David found himself witness to one of the most successful anti-PUA campaigns launched by the feminist community, a campaign that rallied behind the catch-cry #takedownjulienblanc.

This playfully drawn true account of one evening introduces you to the people on both sides of the protest line.

David Blumenstein is an award-winning cartoonist who has drawn comics for Guardian Australia, Crikey, Junkee and Australian MAD Magazine. He and his cartoonist wife, Sarah, are co-founders of Squishface Studio, an open comic artists' studio in Brunswick, Victoria which you can visit most days of the week, and which holds events and classes for kids and adults.

The David Blumenstein site

Publishing Announcement: Paper Trail Volume One

Planning to roll out the rest of Pikitia Press' publishing announcements in the forthcoming week with a cohesive press release the following. Paper Trail Volume One will feature interviews, articles and samples of contemporary and vintage cartooning from New Zealand and Australia. Early copies will be available at the Auckland Armageddon 24th - 27th October. Cover by Toby Morris.

SPX 2014 Debut: The Fuglies

The Fuglies:

"A pair of genetically enhanced girls go on a rampage of murder and cannabilistic mayhem while being chased by the authorities through a wilderness populated by savage genetic freaks & horrific mutations. "

Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr as the collective S.C.A.R. have produced some of the most powerful Horror and Sci-fi comics to come out of Australia. Drawing inspiration from the themes and art of 50's and 60's genre comics and then taking it up several notches, The Fuglies is the perfect example of Steve and Antoinette's modern blend of hardcore Horror and Sci-Fi.

The Fuglies will be available at SPX in September and elsewhere soon after.

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SPX Debut: Moonbeard Volume One

Moonbeard Cover SMALL.jpg

Pikitia Press are proud to present James Squires' MOONBEARD Volume One, the first of our SPX debut books. MOONBEARD Volume One  launches at SPX in mid September and will be available elsewhere immediately after. This handsome volume collects 120 pages of James's extremely popular and terrifyingly hilarious webcomic Moonbeard along with exclusive new comics. A tight package of unexpected humour and wit-filled absurdity, Moonbeard brings good cheer for everyone!

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