Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair 2015 part two

There were a lot more comic people at this years Sticky zine fair, apologies to the hundred odd folk I missed. Here's a few of the comics folk I managed to get holiday snaps of.

Rose Wu, Rosa Hughes-Currie and Linda Lew

Ben Juers and Michael Hawkins

Michael Fikaris

Merv Heers

Simon Hanselmann, JMKE, and HTML Flowers

Ele Jenkins

Nicky Minus and Bailey Sharp

Minicomics Mogul Andrew Fulton

Chris Gooch draws the zine scene

Phil Bentley

Jess Parker, Ben Hutchings, Scott Reid, and Captain David Blumenstein (focus optional)

Brendan Halyday and Frank Candiloro

Brent "The Destroyer" Willis

Ive Sorocuk

Jase Harper and James Andre

Nicky Minus and Sam Wallman

Bobby N

HTML Flowers

Marc Pearson

Tim Molloy

Not Matt...by Michael Fikaris

After the wonderful afternoon selling good comics to good Melbourne folk, Brent Willis and I headed over to Port Melbourne to purchase healthy salads. In a terrifying confrontation we found Brent's toughest of the tough anti-anti-heroes from THRUST JUSTICE had escaped the page and entered our reality! We hastily purchased out healthy salads and retreated to the safety of my Art Deco apartment on the waterfront.

Thrust Justice in the "COMICS"

Thrust Justice in "THE REAL WORLD"

To learn more about Thrust Justice purchase a copy to read with your healthy salad from the Pikitia store.

Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair 2015 part one

Ashley Ronning makes sweet posters.

On Saturday before the 2015 Sticky Zine Fair I casually took part in a discussion about the New Zealand zine scene with Brent Willis, Linda Lew, Rose Wu and Rosa Hughes-Currie. A small gathering crammed into Sticky and listened to us talk about our experiences with making and selling zines in NZ. Brent and I added our valuable/redundant "Making zines before the Internet perspectives".

New Zealand Zinefest Guests Linda Lew, Rose Wu and Rosa Hughes-Currie.

Thomas "You talking to me?" Blatchford

After the talk, 'Special People' were invited on a guided tour of the State Library of Victoria's Zine collection with John and Des.

It was good to find a near mint in mylar, copy of Funtime Cartoons #1.

An Australian Sci-Fi zine from 1940 or a contemporary indy comic from North America.

An Australian Private Eye knock-off


Morrissey's New York Dolls "Zine"

Apparently they'll preserve any old hack's material in the State Library archives.

"For Aussies Only by Forrest J Ackerman"

I think Des got sick of me dropping Australian comics history anecdotes so tried to shut me up by stuffing an original Stanley Pitt art board into my hands.

Are you on dial-up? Have I included too many images in this post? That's too bad. I demand you view the following Australian Blakes 7 fanzines. Feel the stippling.

Oh Avon...

Part two coming up with pics from the actual zine fair.