Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair 2015 part two

There were a lot more comic people at this years Sticky zine fair, apologies to the hundred odd folk I missed. Here's a few of the comics folk I managed to get holiday snaps of.

Rose Wu, Rosa Hughes-Currie and Linda Lew

Ben Juers and Michael Hawkins

Michael Fikaris

Merv Heers

Simon Hanselmann, JMKE, and HTML Flowers

Ele Jenkins

Nicky Minus and Bailey Sharp

Minicomics Mogul Andrew Fulton

Chris Gooch draws the zine scene

Phil Bentley

Jess Parker, Ben Hutchings, Scott Reid, and Captain David Blumenstein (focus optional)

Brendan Halyday and Frank Candiloro

Brent "The Destroyer" Willis

Ive Sorocuk

Jase Harper and James Andre

Nicky Minus and Sam Wallman

Bobby N

HTML Flowers

Marc Pearson

Tim Molloy

Not Matt...by Michael Fikaris

After the wonderful afternoon selling good comics to good Melbourne folk, Brent Willis and I headed over to Port Melbourne to purchase healthy salads. In a terrifying confrontation we found Brent's toughest of the tough anti-anti-heroes from THRUST JUSTICE had escaped the page and entered our reality! We hastily purchased out healthy salads and retreated to the safety of my Art Deco apartment on the waterfront.

Thrust Justice in the "COMICS"

Thrust Justice in "THE REAL WORLD"

To learn more about Thrust Justice purchase a copy to read with your healthy salad from the Pikitia store.

2014 in Review: Jase Harper

What have been your personal cartooning/comics highlights of 2014?

Finishing and launching my debut graphic novel Awkwood with Milk Shadow Books was a definite highlight. Releasing my travel sketchbook Sketchbound at the Sticky zine fair. Getting to be a guest at ZICS zine fair in Brisbane and Armageddon Expo in Melbourne. Getting to do a bunch of yet to be released work for Jase Frank’s Sixsmiths, including two covers. Being involved in Squishzine Brunstown and the Yeeha exhibition, both through Squishface as well as a page for Dailies through Silent Army.

What are some of the comics you've enjoyed in 2014?

Jesse Jacob’s Safari Honeymoon tops my list,  just amazing, plus Guy Delisle’s Burma Chronicles and Andre the Giant by Box Brown were solid reads.

I’m a bit behind in my local releases but the various Mini Comics of the Month Club, Scott Reid’s I’m Pretty Sure I’m Dying To Hell With It, and the first chunk of Pat Grant’s Ambient Yeast have been highlights. Looking forward to picking up Tim Molloy’s new book as well.

What is something non-comics that you have enjoyed in 2014?

Sebadoh, King Buzzo and Adalita were highlights gig wise, King Buzzo’s acoustic set particularly blew my mind. Doing a bunch more gig posters and art for the local music scene. Getting to travel back to India with the addition of Nepal and Bhutan was a huge buzz.

What are you looking forward to in 2015?

Working on releasing my next book (or at least the first chapter), doing more collaborative work with other writers and artists and hopefully getting some pitches in front of publishers.

Jase Harper

2014 in Review: Gregory Mackay

What have been your personal cartooning/comics highlights of 2014?
The biggest focus of my year was the completion of my first comic book for children for Allen & Unwin. It's titled Anders and the Comet, will be released early next year and comes in at 160 pages of grey toned art. The readership is 6-9 years, which has been a welcome change.

I really enjoyed the editing process over a long story, and problem solving as I went. Working with editors is a great experience and I'm super proud of my book. It's going to be part of an ongoing series of books featuring the same characters.

Working on Francis Bear comics for VICE United States was also great, it kept me thinking of short stories for my old characters. Publishing existing work for the the French Turkey Magazine was also good, as was coming up with new work for Squishzine Brunswtown called  An Architectural Tour within the Confines of Brunswick Victoria, which I think is some of my better work for the year and I'm hoping to develop this style into a broader project.

Working on a book cover for a separate upcoming Allen & Unwin book from a different author was also great, as was doing spot illustrations for various websites and projects.  Exhibiting with and designing the poster for the art studio show I'm a a part of was also a highlight.

What are some of the comics you've enjoyed in 2014?
I've enjoyed some rare Miyazaki stuff, including Tiger in Schlamm, the entire Nausicaa Saga, his weird collaboration book Mushime To Anime. I also liked 'Best American Comics 2014', Logicomix, The Comics Journal 2013, as well as the ongoing minicomic of the month books. I also liked reading old copies of St. Nicolas and books by Hansi. I  liked Black Paths by David B. and the story boards book for The Wind Rises. Honestly, most of this year was spent focused on writing and drawing my own stuff and expanding what I'm trying to do with my work.
 I enjoyed learning how to make resin figures of my comics book characters as well as working on numerous short films to promote the book.

What is something non-comics that you have enjoyed in 2014?
 I traveled to Perth, Sydney, Alice Springs and Hobart. Mainly for work, but I'd always seek out odd or fun things to do. These include seeing 'Rubber Duck' by Florentijn Hofman in Sydney, photographing Hobart from a distance with a telescope as well as visiting the closing night of Dark Mofo and hanging out in the replica Space Shuttle. I saw the beaches of Mandurah and Coolongatta within days of each other, taking long ocean swims. Seeing highlights of the Adelaide festival was fun, as was traveling to Alice Springs and seeing the West McDonnell Ranges. I enjoyed seeing the 'Behind the Myths' tour with my nephew and also building the newly tooled 1/72 A6M2b Zero model plane from Tamiya.

What are you looking forward to in 2015?
I'm looking forward to working on the next Anders book, as well as numerous other book projects and illustrations. I'm also looking forward to traveling more and producing more figurines and short films.

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