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Been trying to get back in the habit of doing regular Paper Trail columns. It's hard to find time to do things you know? But here is something. Maybe I can pull together smaller columns throughout the rest of the month. Perhaps maybe.

A new Silent Army Storeroom opens in August. FB event page.

Kelly Sheehan interviews Rosetta Phone creators writer Mary Tamblyn and artist Bethany Hughston - Part one - Part two - Part three.

Comicsmas in July: Comics launch in Melbourne this weekend at All Star Comics. FB event page.

Dylan Horrocks Apologises at Chromacon 2015

Indira Neville comics essay Competent Boy Comics - An Explanation and follow up essay
New Zealand Comics are Not Competent Boy Comics. Indira's second essay includes a table of New Zealand Comics events and publications, the dismal amount of NZ women cartoonists featured in them, and possible rationale behind this. I couldn't disagree with 80% of the points Indira makes and don't feel intelligent enough to debate the other 20% but I am very grateful that Indira and other guest bloggers have been writing essays for the Square Planet Comics Blog on important issues in comics rather than the 'Simple Team Comics Boosterism' that seems to plague a lot of comics journalism.

Fred Atkins interviews Frank Candiloro

Simon Hanselmann has a new book out in November from Fantagraphics. Megahex is in it's third printing! Sweet.

This column is bought to you by the Barry Linton Kickstarter, c'mon get onboard! Finely crafted comics and prints by Barry delivered through the mail system into your sweet sweet hands.

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2014 In Review: Mary Tamblyn

It's end of the year time again, where I conduct brief surveys with a selection of active New Zealand and Australian cartoonists and comics makers.

First up is Christchurch writer/artist Mary Tamblyn.

What have been your personal cartooning/comics highlights of 2014?
Successfully funding the Nothing Fits Kickstarter and having real life printed copies of the comic. Can't really top that.

What are some of the comics you've enjoyed in 2014?
New Emily Carroll webcomic as well as the ones in her book, she makes some very, very well made comics. I've read some of Paranatural which is very good, I'm yet to read the rest.
The Sheehan Brothers' 'Into the Dark Woods'. A number of different Ralphi comics I came across at Armageddon expos...Those are some of the ones I can remember.

What is something non-comics that you have enjoyed in 2014?
Whole Auckland Armageddon weekend was pretty good, comics aside, hanging with good friends, making new friends. Buying too many books and pens. Also really enjoyed our unofficial sculpture camp we had, where a group of us from uni went away to Rangitata, and we all sat around learning to needle felt and found lots of cool bones on the beach. Those were the best bits.

What are you looking forward to in 2015?
Hopefully starting some new comics, 'Rosetta Phone' and 'I went for a Swim', being the main two. Also I am really looking forward to seeing how the 3 Words anthology turns out!



Nothing Fits webcomic

Mary Tamblyn Interview

Panels from Mary Tamblyn's Emily Wall and the Corpse featured in Funtime Comics #27