Rachel and the Stranger - Phil Belbin Film Adaption

During 1948 and 1949 Phil Belbin produced comic adaptions of RKO Radio pictures for K G Murray magazine Cavalcade. Adaptions included Return of the Badman, Fort Apache, Magic Town, Night Song, Rachel and the Stranger, The Bishop's Wife,The Velvet Touch, If You Knew Suzie, The Miracle of the Bells and Out of the Past.

Belbin's adaption of Out of the Past.

Belbin's adaption of Magic Town.

Australia Today

Australia Today was published annually by the United Commercial Travellers Association of Australia as a supplement to it's monthly newspaper The Australian Traveller and distributed throughout the Commonwealth. Australia Today was used as a promotional tool to encourage British immigration to Australia. The United Commercial Travellers Association of Australia was founded in its federated form in 1895 to look after commercial travelers in regards to travel and accommodation needs and advice to overseas manufacturers with commercial interests in Australia.

Woman's Budget Dec 6, 1924

First published in the beginning of 1906, Woman's Budget was one of the earliest Australian magazines catering specifically to women. This issue was filled with illustrations, illustrated advertising and a two colour Children's Budget centre-fold featuring cartoons by Frank Jessup and Syd Nicholls.

The Sydney Evening News reported the commencement of the Children's Budget on 13th November 1923 with the following article:

NEW COLORED COMIC Children's Supplement to Woman's Budget

A CHILDREN'S supplement In color is the latest improvement In the 'WOMAN'S BUDGET' The humor is clean and Australian In character, and as In the case of the other comlc issued from the 'Evenlng News' Offlce, that in the 'Sunday News,' there Is none of the objectionable slang and risky situations which lead to disfigure the comics copied from American models. The Children's Budget occupies tour pages of the 'Woman's Budget,' and cat be easily detached without Interfering with the rest of the valuable little paper.


Fashion Illustration

Back Cover Advertising


The New Nation


The New Nation was an early 20th century Australian magazine published quarterly in Sydney. Originally published under the title P.F.A. Quarterly for several years by the Pastoral Finance Association, after a disastrous fire in 1921 they were absorbed by The New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Co. L.t.d. which retitled the publication The N.Z.L. Quarterly. In 1925 the magazine was retitled The New Nation.

The following article on The New Nation was published on the 10th June 1927 in the New South Wales newspaper The Land.

"The New Nation"

A copy of the June issue of "The New Nation" magazine, the popular, quarterly published by the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Co. Ltd. is to hand. The all-round and out standing merit of the quarterly Is splendidly maintained. It is full of interest, entertainment, and instruction for all classes of reader. In "The Romance of Our Times," C. Al Jeffries this time deals with Canberra., and there are opportune reproductions of portraits of Sir Henry Parkes, Sir E. Barton, Sir G. H. Reid, and Mr.'Bruce.

Mr.- Ken Austin. continues his article on the Bruce-Lowe figure system of breeding thoroughbreds, with special reference to such famous horses as Gainsbrough, Captain Cuttle, Pommern, Solario, and Phalarls. There is an article by the late Mr. E. D. E, van Weenen (who was a noted authority on wool and sheep) on "Quantity v. Quality," and on "The Hereford in Australia" by Mr. R. S. Allan. There are also interesting, articles and sketches dealing with the beauties of Honolulu, Village Life in Palestine, the Cathedrals of Sydney, the Girls of Australasia, Farming in South Africa, Dipping Sheep, and Pig Hunting in Maoriland. All the usual features are admirably maintained and the magazine is beautifully illustrated.