Woman's Budget Dec 6, 1924

First published in the beginning of 1906, Woman's Budget was one of the earliest Australian magazines catering specifically to women. This issue was filled with illustrations, illustrated advertising and a two colour Children's Budget centre-fold featuring cartoons by Frank Jessup and Syd Nicholls.

The Sydney Evening News reported the commencement of the Children's Budget on 13th November 1923 with the following article:

NEW COLORED COMIC Children's Supplement to Woman's Budget

A CHILDREN'S supplement In color is the latest improvement In the 'WOMAN'S BUDGET' The humor is clean and Australian In character, and as In the case of the other comlc issued from the 'Evenlng News' Offlce, that in the 'Sunday News,' there Is none of the objectionable slang and risky situations which lead to disfigure the comics copied from American models. The Children's Budget occupies tour pages of the 'Woman's Budget,' and cat be easily detached without Interfering with the rest of the valuable little paper.


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