2014 in Review: Matt Kelly

What have been your personal cartooning/comics highlights of 2014?
In a word, failure. Perhaps that's ironic, but if so, it is not the funny ha ha kind. I have come to terms with my cartoonist failings more forthrightly this year than I have at any other time I can remember, in the sense of a soul searchingy type dealy. Failure is not such a bad thing. It depends what happens after the failures. I can see a way that the missteps of this year may lead to sure footed progress in the coming future. So, in lieu of a raft of genius achievements or fanboyish acquisitiveness, I'm going to stake a claim on my failures and see if anything comes from the ashes of bitter defeat.

What are some of the comics you've enjoyed in 2014?
I asked my local library to buy the Witzend slipcase (FANTAGRAPHICS) two volume collection which they did, and I think I'll pin that one with the blue ribbon. Somehow the wonderful library staff attributed central authorship to Steve Ditko and various of the other contributors to this seminal, nay, Ur-underground comics anthology, but I can easily forgive them such a petty mistake, because it is a really amazing reading experience. It is something that I would actually  be happy to call 'Timeless', it seems fresh and vital and messy and of the zeitgeist. I recommend it highly.

What is something non-comics that you have enjoyed in 2014?
Many things: Skyrim, the excellent British TV show Utopia, the excellent TV show True Detective, the excellent Mukpuddy animated Internet/Mana Party political broadcast ad, Yoga, Life Drawing at the truly great Quarry Arts Centre here in sunny Whangarei, the sun, family and friends, Matakohe Limestone Island Kiwi sanctuary, nature in general.

What are you looking forward to in 2015?
Well, this brings me back to the first question, really. I'm not holding my breath for JJ Abrams Star Wars reboot, but I'll watch it when I get the chance. Basically I look forward to more risk of failure, more success and more drawing, painting and writing. More Pikitia Press products too, naturally. Oh and what the hell, why not World Peace and the restoration of the biosphere for future generations of all the species of life on Earth.

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