Juliet Peter - The Sheep Farm

New Zealand Illustrator Juliet Peter (1915-2010) on her early art education in an interview with Art New Zealand,

We were staying with an aunt and uncle who were still farming in Canterbury, and the aunt - a practical, wonderful person - said to me 'Now dear, what do you want to do?' I mumbled that I didn't know, and she said 'Well dear, you have talent. How would you like to go to the School of Arts in Christchurch?' I probably said that would be just too wonderful. Being a busy, knowledgeable, practical person, she went off to Christchurch and then there was a free, four-year place waiting for me at the School of Art. She found a place for me at a student hostel where someone had to withdraw owing to illness. In no time at all I was embroiled in working for a diploma in fine arts, and, well, that's the end of that part of the story

Juliet Peter's husband Roy Cowan was also a prolific illustrator of the New Zealand School Journal.

Fishink blog have biographical notes and a gallery of Peter's work including some of her ceramic pieces.

Read Art New Zealand's interview with Juliet Peter here.

Below Juliet Peter's illustrations of The Sheep Farm - A Primary School Bulletin.

Lorenzo Van Der Lingen

I had the good fortune to briefly meet Lorenzo Van Der Lingen through a mutual friend in Wellington a year back. I only knew his comics from Loose magazine but have since found a a bounty of his work, comics and illustration, in the New Zealand School Journal and recently on his abandoned blog The Lorenzone. Lorenzo promises new comics and a new blog are forthcoming.

These blogger blogs sometimes have sticky navigation depending upon your browser, if you're having trouble getting to his posts circa 2007/2006 try the archive by dates at the bottom right side.