Paper Trail

Cartoons about #nzsnowden and GCSB. (Above cartoon by Sharon Murdoch.)

Go have a look at what Louie Joyce is doing.

Caravan of Comics are offering free minicomic downloads every week for a limited time, get in quick and download Meg O'Shea's The Wolves of King Street and Dean Rankine's EEW!

Catching Up File: I'm rapidly accumulating backed up days of podcasts to listen to, one on the to get to list, Richard Fairgray and Tara Black's Living the Dream featuring Robyn Kenealy.

Radio As Paper new anthology 8 x 3 featuring Australian and New Zealand contributors.

Aussie Magazine


Aussie (1918- circa 1929) was a commercial magazine of opinion, review and entertainment published in France after World War One and edited by Phillip Harris for a couple years on a small printing press that Harris brought with him to France. Aussie's print run started with 10,000 copies, but soon reached 60,000 and later 100,000.

In the early twenties Phillip Harris produced a monthly in Sydney and renamed it Aussie: the Cheerful Monthly from 1920 which lasted for several years and published major Australian writers and cartoonists of the day. Aussie included material to celebrate soldiering life as well as returned servicemen acclimatising to life back in Australia.

A New Zealand edition of Aussie was published in Wellington featuring Australian material and a New Zealand supplement edited by journalist Pat Lawlor, featuring work by New Zealand writers and cartoonists including Marcus King, Noel Cook and Len Cornwall Mitchell.