This Wednesday at Silent Army Storeroom: Communications - Onyenho Acong

Silent Army Impresario Michael Fikaris launched a new Silent Army comic studio last month in a new location at 8 Weirs Lane in North Melbourne. This Wednesday night the Silent Army Storeroom hosts a one night exhibit and zine launch by Indonesian artist Onyenho Acong.

I asked Michael a few questions about things in a dashed off cavalier fashion,

Matt Emery: Hey! How was the launch of the new Silent Army Storeroom? I wanted to come but had tickets in advance to see Steve Malkmus at the Melbourne Zoo. It was an okay gig, I think he was a little reserved because of the family audience. No mention of love children in Geelong this time.

Michael Fikaris: It was perfect, thanks. Many familiar face, some new ones and all happy in the service.

Emery: Can you tell me about Onyenho Acong? How did you meet this artist person?

Fikaris: Onyenho and I met last week matched up to collaborate on FCAC Jogja. We really got along and did about 20 cartoon/hanging pieces in the show and I asked him if he would be interested in making a zine and displaying some other stuff Northside in my space. Come have a look! He's funny and hard working - my type of artist.

Emery: Will there be any more Dailies anthologies?

Fikaris: Done with the Dailies for now - spreading it more for the meantime, Bird Cage Books.

Emery: Apart from the Pikitia/Retrofit/Kilgore event that can't be spoken of yet can you talk a bit about other things that are happening at the Silent Army this year?

Fikaris: The next launch is a collaborative zine of comics and drawings with my old pal Nelio. It's some abstract pieces combined with a print from each of us. He will be here for a big exhibition and will do a launch with the storeroom. After that is a few things, from some artists you would know and some you may not. Stay tuned!

Emery: What are you working on personally art-wise at the moment?

Fikaris: I am working on a few things locally and abroad this year. Putting time aside to focus on comics a bit more but still poking my head out the door to lick the walls. Will maybe send some of the comics to other specific people if I find the gall as I have still not done that yet.