Montague Thomas Archibald 'Monty' Wedd (1921–2012)

Australian cartoonist Monty Wedd was born today in 1921 and over the course of his life was a prominent creator of newspaper & magazine cartoons and comics books. Amongst his creations were The Scorpion, Bold Ben Hall, The Ned Kelly historical strip, Captain Justice, King Comet, and the Australian history strip Birth of A Nation. During the fifties Wedd contributed to a line of card-bound educational comics depicting important occasions in Australasian history. Wedd also worked in animation for Artransa and Eric Porter on series such as Marco Polo Junior Versus the Red Dragon, Charlie Chan, The Lone Ranger, Rocket Robin Hood and Super Friends. Over the rest of today I'll be posting samples from various works by Monty Wedd.

Last year Comicoz produced a lavish hardcover collection of Wedd's Ned Kelly strips, currently available on special in the Comicoz store.

Monty Wedd in 1960 with his collection of War Relics

Below: A selection of Wedd illustrated covers for The Australian Chucklers Weekly.