Ross Gore

Ross Gore

I recently acquired a bound volume of early issues of Enterprise magazine, a journal of the New Zealand engineering industry published by Cory-Wright & Salmon Ltd. First published in 1947, The initial five issues of Enterprise were edited by Ross Digby Gore who also provided articles and illustration. Gore was a significant contributor to the Golden Age of New Zealand comics with back up features in Victory Feature Comic and his newspaper feature It Happened in New Zealand which he syndicated himself in papers across New Zealand. It Happened in New Zealand was a two tier history strip where Gore depicted important events from New Zealand history. Gore's daughter Jenny Gibbs recalled, "He used to physically go & visit them (newspapers) from time to time & while he was doing so would interview"old-timers".

One of Ross Gore's contributions to Victory Feature Comic, Dick Hudson's Adventures.

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Two collections were published collecting Ross Gore's newspaper strips.

It Happened in New Zealand: The Mystery Wall Drawings of Kaingaroa

Ross Gore Self Portrait from The Editor's Page

Ross Gore Illustrations from Enterprise

The fifth issue of Enterprise bade Gore farewell as he assumed the position of secretary to the National Art Gallery and the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts.

We feel sure that our readers will learn with as much regret as did all in CW&S of the resignation of our Editor, Mr. Ross D. Gore. To Mr. Gore's excellent work and ability as an artist, and his untiring efforts, a large share of the credit is due for the launching of Enterprise and the measure of success it has so far achieved. Many difficulties had to be overcome, and much experience and special knowledge of the pubishing field acquired before the birth of Enterprise. In all this Mr. Gore's keenness and good work have been of great value.

Mr. Gore left us at the end of April to take up an important appointment for which we feel he is eminently fitted that of secretary to the National Art Gallery and the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts. The association of the Gore family with the Academy goes back many years, his father, the late Mr. H. M. Gore, having been one of the founders and having held the positions at different times of both secretary and president. When Mr. Gore died in 1930 his younger son, Mr. E. D. Gore, was appointed and held the position of secretary to the N.Z. Academy and the National Art Gallery until his death last year.

We are sorry to lose Mr. Gore's services but all wish him well in his new sphere. We know that he will follow the progress of Enterprise with as much interest as the CW & S will follow his future career.

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