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If you've only just heard of the Kickstarter, here's a quick intro:

Pre-order Barry Linton's new comic Aki in Tiko, a chronicle of teenage explorer Lucky Aki's further adventures through the islands and cultures of a re-imagined past. Aki in Tiko features the finely delineated black and white line work of one of New Zealand's most dedicated cartoonists, having honed his skills over forty years of making comics.

Barry Linton on Lucky Aki:

"What if there was a time, now out of mind, when there were many more islands of all sizes, and few or no continents, with busy island groups, trading, fishing, herding, farming and lots of seasonal voyaging, eh?"

"A youth might dream of a life sailing the myriad island trade ways, exploring the unknown fertile shores, and a youth might get lucky, then as now."

Barry Linton Biography by Dylan Horrocks

Barry Linton has been a key figure in New Zealand comics since days of the underground press in the early 1970s. His stories and art have appeared in many books, magazines and newspapers, including Strips, the Ponsonby Rag, Razor, Landfall, Pavement, White Fungus and the New Zealand Listener. He has created iconic posters and album covers for Red Mole and Herbs, among others. His comics have explored Auckland street life, music, sex and politics; relationships and parenthood; ancient history, UFOs and the future of humanity. One of his most ambitious projects to date is the adventures of Aki, a series of comics set in a carefully researched, lovingly reimagined neolithic Oceania.

To The I-Land - The Comics of Barry Linton by Dylan Horrocks

Preview pages from Aki in Tiko

Lucky Aki in the New Stone Age

20th Century BC

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