Peter Foster - Commando: Killer Shark

Commando No. 4343 Killer Shark cover by Ian Kennedy

Another selection of photocopies from Commando original art by Peter Foster. Originally drawn from a script by K. P. Mackenzie titled Mission Accomplished, this story eventually saw publication in 1993 as Killer Shark in Commando No. 2722. Killer Shark was also reprinted in 2010 in Commando No. 4343.

Hitler’s U-boats were the killer sharks of the Second World War, roaming the oceans of the world, terrorising the shipping lanes. Gerhard Hagen, a Nazi to the core, was one of the most ruthless skippers of those hunter submarines.
But even a killer shark will eventually meet its match, and time was running out for Hagen…

All images copyright DC Thomson 2016.