The Conways - Betty Roland and John Santry

On the never-ending list of uncompleted projects, a survey of The Conways, an adventure serial featured in the Sydney Morning Herald during the late 1940’s. Written by Betty Roland (1903 – 1996) and illustrated by John Santry (1910 - 1990), The Conways ran for 831 daily strips commencing 9th November 1946 and concluding 7th July 1949. Roland emigrated to England in 1951, where her prolific writing career included lavishly painted serials for Girl and Swift comics. Fellow Australian writer Alan Stranks ( PC49 creator and Dan Dare scribe) helped Roland gain employment with the Marcus Morris stable of comic weeklies. ( A survey of her UK work is also on my to-do-list.) Below: First eight dailies of The Conways.

1 The_Sydney_Morning_Herald_Fri__Nov_8__1946_.jpg
2 The_Sydney_Morning_Herald_Sat__Nov_9__1946_.jpg
3 The_Sydney_Morning_Herald_Wed__Nov_11__1946_.jpg
4 The_Sydney_Morning_Herald_Tue__Nov_12__1946_.jpg
5 The_Sydney_Morning_Herald_Wed__Nov_13__1946_.jpg
6 The_Sydney_Morning_Herald_Thu__Nov_14__1946_.jpg
7 The_Sydney_Morning_Herald_Fri__Nov_15__1946_.jpg
8 The_Sydney_Morning_Herald_Mon__Nov_18__1946_.jpg
9 The_Sydney_Morning_Herald_Tue__Nov_19__1946_.jpg