Cremoata Cards - Space Adventure Album 1967 Series - Part One

It's Queens Birthday weekend and I have ten thousand things to do but in an effort to keep sharing something daily, here are a couple galleries of space adventure cards from a New Zealand Creamoata album produced in 1967. Cereal albums were still common when I was a kid in the late seventies, cereal boxes and bags would contain a few cards that you could collect and place in a themed album. I don't know anything about the artwork on these cards but presume it may be one of the New Zealand commercial illustrators Darian Zam has covered at Long White Kid.

Darian has written an extensive article of the origins of the company that produced Cremoata products in New Zealand: The Bugle Boy of Company F: Creamoata and Sergeant Dan.

Behold the glorious colours of space travel and stream lined rocket technology, pre-moon landing, as depicted by a New Zealand artist in 1967!