Tonight: Graphic Contents Exhibition

Pic: Katie Parrish

The Graphic Contents exhibition opens tonight with a launch next Tuesday  at 1000 Pound Bend as part of the launch of the Melbourne Emerging Writers Festival.

"Australia’s comics scene is a small but vital one. Come check out our exhibition Graphic Contents Express, running from Tuesday 26 May – Friday 5 June. A literal visual feast, it will showcase work from Lachlan Conn, Mandy Ord, Chris Gooch, Katie Parrish, Josh Santospirito, Nicky Minus, Simon Hanselmann, Jo Waite, Merv Heers, Leigh Rigozzi and more in all its graphic glory.

The exhibition will be launched on Tuesday 2 June with readings by Mandy Ord, Merv Heers, Jo Waite, Leigh Rigozzi and more."

More info on the Emerging Writers Festival Site.