HIT 'EM HARD!! - A 23 Page Virgil Reilly War Comic

Virgil Reilly made a significant contribution to Australian comics during a concentrated period in the 1950's with his work on Silver Flash, Punch Perkins, The Invisible Avenger and assorted war comics. Reilly was also a prolific illustrator of magazines, books, and newspapers.  Many of Reilly's war comics were reprinted and repackaged in the sixties, at least as late as 1966.

Kevin Patrick at Comics Down Under has an extensive profile of Reilly's career here.

Illustration and cover gallery.

Film Illustrations from the Evening Standard 1920.

Wartime illustrations.

I'm unsure of the original publication the Virgil Reilly war comic below featured in but I found it in one of the glorious 300 page compilation comics that at one time dotted the bookshops and newstands of Australia. GREAT COMICS BOOK is filled with reprinted American material and two full length Virgil Reilly war comics. Most of Reilly's true life war comics were Naval stories and are frequently set up with an adult telling a child about a particular battle during the War. This example is the only one I've come across that features a coda concluding the story back in the present where it began.