All Star Women's Comic Book Club Meetup

In Melbourne today, in conjunction with Melbourne's favourite comic shop All Star Comics, the first meeting of the All Star Woman's Comic Book Club.

Sonja H interviews organiser Cazz on Sci Fi and Squeam.

SATURDAY 30TH AUGUST 3PM-5PM AT 1000 £ Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale street Melbourne.

"This club is all about sharing your love and excitement of comic books with other women. That means if you want to chat about the characters you think are the coolest, an in-depth discussion about feminism or just hanging out and reading, this club is for you.
The All Star Women’s Comic Club is open to all levels of women readers! From those who have never read a comic, through to those who can name all 3600 sectors in the Green Lantern universe.

"The meet-up will be an exclusive women’s event! Don’t worry, there is plenty of room in the front café for our male friends and family to hang out while you join all the women in the back meeting room. This will be a fun adult-oriented event with some comic books containing mature content. In this first meting we will introduce ourselves, talk about our ideas for directions for the All Star Women’s Comic Book Club, have a chance to mingle and talk about what we’re currently reading, and most importantly have a great time doing it."